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'Photo Op' by kennardphillips has become an iconic portrayal of the Iraq War. Peter Kennard and Cat Picton-Phillips began work together in the wake of the Iraq invasion in 2003. The famous image manipulation, which superimposes a picture of a grinning Tony Blair taking a selfie on an image of a burning oil field, was created in response to the widespread public disapproval of the Iraq war. The picture is of course fake, but aptly summed up British sentiment regarding the war. (Kennardphillips)

Tony Blair's Iraq War 'selfie' headlines art exhibition at the Imperial War Museum

The manipulated image of former Prime Minister Tony Blair taking a 'selfie' with his camera phone in front of a burning oil field in Iraq headlines an exhibition called 'Catalyst: Contemporary Art and War'. Hosted by the Imperial War Museums in Manchester, it is displaying works by 40 artists. The collection explores art, photography and installations made in response to the biggest conflicts of recent years. The exhibition closes February 23, 2014.