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Titanic: The Guarantee Group

Out of the 15,000 workers employed at Harland & Wolff at the time, 3,000 of whom worked on the construction of the Titanic, only nine individuals were selected to represent the shipbuilding firm with passage on the Titanic's maiden voyage. They were known as the Guarantee Group. Headed by chief architect Thomas Andrews, this select group of shipbuilders were made up of men at the top of their crafts--a distinguished few out of the thousands responsible for building the most sophisticated ship of its time. Sufficed to say, it was considered a huge honor to be a member of the Guarantee Group. Tragically, all nine died in the disaster. Unfortunately, as Titanic re-discoverer Dr. Robert Ballard has written, “details of their work have mostly died with them,” but this gallery tells the stories that we do know about the Guarantee Group.