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Bourbon Street, New Orleans, USA

Bourbon Street, New Orleans, USA

Overflowing with oomph, the French Quarter of New Orleans has a characteristic allure that smacks you in the face. Rue Bourbon, a historic street and the spine of the district, is the cultural hub of New Orleans. Bars, restaurants and strip clubs, as well as gay nightclubs, line the length of the street. Sandwiched among them are souvenir shops and eateries selling delicious local cuisine. In the daytime, Bourbon Street is sleepy but as night falls, it turns into a whole new animal. Just a tip: while this may be a great place to get drunk, get away to somewhere more romantic if you’re serious about love.

The world's most romantic destinations

February 13, 2012

Where would you go to propose to your beloved? Surely, not the ice-cream parlour in the neighborhood mall! Paris, San Francisco, London, Vancouver, Granada -- these are among the most romantic destinations in the world. Let your heart lead you there!