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The story behind the Thanksgiving photo

Many years ago, as a community relations manager for a large insurance company, one of my more pleasant company tasks was to invite kids from a downtown homeless shelter for an annual special event. ... I was just loading up my camera with film (remember those days?), so I could shoot some photos of the event to send out to the news media. A moment before, the dining room had been empty. In the nearby hallway, our employees were joining with the kids for a sing-along of holiday music. Then, when I looked through the lens, there she was suddenly sitting alone at the table. She was wearing her very best dress, and her eyes were raised heavenward as if in her own private prayer of thanks. The little girl was obviously waiting for the turkey and all the trimmings to be served. However, to me she was an angelic vision who fit in exactly right for the spirit of Thanksgiving. – Ted Sherman

The story behind the Thanksgiving photo

Every photo has a story, and on this Thanksgiving, Yahoo!

News asked readers to share one photo, and the story behind it, that holds

meaning for them.