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The story behind the Thanksgiving photo

We had a houseful of siblings, kids, friends, and whomever they brought along. Whether it was the company, the weather, or the fact that I have no television, I'll never know. But the day quickly devolved from our usual tame repast to an orgy of front-yard football, driveway basketball and game-room air-hockey tournaments. I oversaw the chaos while cooking until the testosterone surged through the patio door and all of the males, men and boys alike, arrived shirtless in my kitchen. Thirteen years have passed. The men are grey now and the boys are men. Two of them are fathers of boys themselves. Divorce has changed the landscape, as it often does -- but in this perfect moment, we were all happy with our partners, happy with our lives, and happy with ourselves. – Shari Savage

The story behind the Thanksgiving photo

Every photo has a story, and on this Thanksgiving, Yahoo!

News asked readers to share one photo, and the story behind it, that holds

meaning for them.