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Life-improving benefits of yoga

Look younger
Please note that the stricter principles of yoga emphasize upon eating a certain type of food. However, many people who have benefited from yoga opine that they don’t follow the dietary recommendations as such. Despite this, they have reaped many benefits by practicing yoga. One such, common benefit of yoga is weight management. Since yoga works the entire body and makes the circulation of fluids more robust, it helps to raise the overall metabolic rate. Thus, more calories are burned, per hour. By working out the lean muscle mass, yoga makes it possible to burn fat, lose weight and look younger. The sense of calmness and stimulation of various bodily organs helps to fight-off the aging-causing free radicals that attack our skin on a daily basis.

The life-improving benefits of yoga

You've heard the perks of regularly hitting the mat, yet 70 percent of you still aren't prone to pose, a Self.com poll reveals. Take a closer look at how health and happiness go up with every Downward Dog.

By SELF Magazine.