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Life-improving benefits of yoga

Greater Flexibility & Strength
People suffering from various types of musculoskeletal problems of the joints, bones or muscles are recommended yoga. This is because yoga helps to strengthen our musculature and ligaments. With greater flexibility, we are able to move, grasp, push, pull and lift things with greater ease. This also ensures a better range of motion. This means that the tendons and muscles in the body are better stretched which helps to avoid injuries. Yoga is one of the most comprehensive exercises since it works all the muscles of the body. Some of the most famous sportspersons endorse yoga for achieving a better physique, including a supple, stronger body.

The life-improving benefits of yoga

You've heard the perks of regularly hitting the mat, yet 70 percent of you still aren't prone to pose, a Self.com poll reveals. Take a closer look at how health and happiness go up with every Downward Dog.

By SELF Magazine.