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The Kennedy curse

Seen through the limousine's windshield as it proceeds along Elm Street past the Texas School Book Depository, President John F. Kennedy appears to raise his hand toward his head within seconds of being fatally shot in Dallas, Nov 22, 1963. Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy holds the President's forearm in an effort to aid him. Gov. John Connally of Texas, who was in the front seat, was also shot. (AP Photo/James W. (Ike) Altgens)

The Kennedy Curse

America's first family of politics seems almost star-crossed. A family

of achievers and public servants, they produced Congressmen,

philanthropists, and a president. They also suffered the pain of having

two brothers assassinated, of a legacy of alcoholism, of young death, and

of high-profile crimes.

One Kennedy died a dangerous WWII mission, a sister was given a lobotomy, Michael Kennedy died in a ski wreck, and John F. Kennedy Jr., in a plane crash.