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Three X-class flares

Three X-class flares erupted from the left side of the sun June 10-11, 2014. These images are from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory and show light in a blend of two ultraviolet wavelengths: 171 and 131 Angstroms. The former is colorized in yellow, the latter in red. No text. (NASA/SDO/Goddard)

Sun unleashes 2 major solar flares back-to-back

Yahoo News

The sun is hitting its stride. Earth's closest star shot off yet another powerful solar flare June 11 after producing a pair of major solar storms Tuesday.

The X1-class flare reached its peak at 5:06 a.m. EDT (0906 GMT) and came from Region 2087 near the southeastern limb of the sun's disk, the same region of the star that produced the two powerful solar flares yesterday. NASA captured an amazing video of the X1 solar flare using its space-based Solar Dynamics Observatory. (space.com)