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Pumpkin sushi takes the spice out of a new fall trend


When you see the word "pumpkin," your immediate word association might be "spice latte," but that's not always the case. 

At least, it's not in the case of the pumpkin sushi at NYC'S Sushi Sushi, as reports Gothamist.

A photo posted by Sushi Sushi (@sushisushinyc) on Oct 10, 2016 at 10:09am PDT

The roll, offered throughout the month of October at the restaurant's two outlets (starting Oct. 19), features mango and tempura pumpkin. 

There's no spice latte in sight. 

In fact, it's traditional for pumpkin to get the tempura treatment and though mango isn't always featured, pumpkin sushi has made the rounds on blogs and Pinterest for the last few years. 

So far,  no polarizing beverages were harmed in the making of these rolls. 

@itsa_talia I swear to gawd I thought that was going to be "pumpkin spice" sushi I actually would have screamed.

— Maya Shwayder (@MayaErgas) October 12, 2016

And if you decide to indulge in one (they're free the afternoon they debut), you won't be contributing to PSL madness. You'll just be continuing your sushi addiction. 

my curse is i have to try every weird food i hear about so i guess i'm having pumpkin sushi this week

— andrew marino (@andrumarino) October 17, 2016


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