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As Sweet as Cake

Photo by: Photo Credit: Flickr/SassyRadish.
As Sweet as Cake
"Your lips must be made of icing 'cause you look so sweet." Yes. This is real! A man said this to me while I walked down NYC streets. He spoke to me in Spanish but this is the English translation. Did it work? No. Did it make me smile? Definitely.
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Smooth Operator: 8 of the Most Hilarious and Creative Pickup Lines

There's a rumor swirling in La La Land that Robin Thicke - R&B singer and son of Allen Thicke - hit on a young lady. It happened at a nightclub in NYC after the MTV Video Music Awards. The 20-year-old woman claims that the "Blurred Lines" singer dropped this pick-up line: "I just love the fact that you're so young." Aside from this being the worst and creepiest pick-up line ever, Robin is married to actress Paula Patton. He needs to keep it in his pants no matter how many women he attracts. Unfortunately, this happens often. Even when men are in relationships, they hit on women. But, are all pick-up lines bad? If they come from a married man, yes. They aren't so terrible, however, when men are available, and if he uses a pick-up line to make her laugh or break the ice. Click through for 8 of the most creative, funniest pick-up lines! -By Sujeiry Gonzalez


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