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Desperate For Love

Photo by: (Photo by Johi Kokjohn-Wagner)
Desperate For Love
"Do you have any single friends?" All this turkey really wants is a girlfriend. Unfortunately, his tail feathers are misshapen and none of the single ladies want him to put a ring on it. Plus, he looks like a creeper.

The Shocking Secret Lives of Farm Animals - Revealed!

Farms are a wonderful way to explore different animal breeds, their living conditions, and their habits. I recently visited a local educational farm to converse with the barnyard critters. With a small amount of talking followed by intense periods of watching and listening, I learned all about the secret lives of farm animals. Armed only with my camera and my uncanny ability to read the minds of our fine furry, hairy, and feathered friends, I shot many pictures that helped reveal the true nature of these animals. After nearly melting in the 95 degree heat with goats, sheep, ponies, cows, pig, and yard birds, I successfully unveiled an entire private world in the barn yard. What I discovered will shock and amaze you! Click through for the shocking secret lives of farm animals - revealed! -By Johi Kokjohn-Wagner


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