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This picture from a busy station has been adjusted to reflect a cat's limited range - most of what we see is out of focus to a cat. (Nickolay Lamm)

See the world through the eyes of a cat

Ever wondered how our feline friends perceive the world around us? One man took it one step further. Nickolay Lamm has created these pictures to illustrate what a cat's vision would look like compared to our own. The upper image is what we would see, with the cat equivalent below.

The images are based on the following criteria: Cats have a 200 degree field of vision, compared with humans' 180 degrees, but worse peripheral vision (20 degrees compared to 30). Cats' range of vision is approximately five times worse than our own, and their ability to perceive colour is much worse. However, their night vision is between six and eight times finer than ours.