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This photo taken Jan 12 2013 at an undisclosed conservancy in South Africa shows an orphaned baby rhino in a pen. The 2-month-old calf was hacked with axes and machetes by poachers and left for dead when she tried to return to her mother who was being dehorned. Veterinarians are racing to learn more about rhino anatomy so they can swiftly treat survivors of attacks by poachers whose arsenal has included assault rifles, high-caliber weapons that can fell a rhino with a single shot and drug-tipped darts that knock it out. (AP Photo) SOUTH AFRICA OUT


The South African government says a record 668 rhinos were killed in the country in 2012, an increase of nearly 50 percent over the previous year. Demand is growing in Vietnam and elsewhere in Asia where rhino horn is believed to have medical benefits despite evidence to the contrary. The horn is made of keratin, a protein also found in human fingernails.