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'SNL' tackles third debate: 'Mr. Trump, you're probably going to lose'


The third and final presidential debate was no laughing matter. Still, Saturday Night Live found plenty to giggle at in this week's cold open, which once again saw Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump facing off with Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton. 

Host Tom Hanks filled in for Chris Wallace as moderator, noting that the final debate "is going to be a lot like the third Lord of the Rings movie — you don't really want to watch, but hey, you've come this far."

While Baldwin's Trump declared, "I'm going to start this debate in the quietest voice possible," things soon devolved into chaos, and it didn't take long for the talk to turn to immigration and Trump's now infamous "bad hombres" remark — which prompted McKinnon's Clinton to declare that she'd won Trump Bingo. 

"I have 'bad hombres,' 'rapists,' 'Miss Piggy,' 'they're all living in hell' and 'if she wasn't my daughter'!" she cheered. 

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The skit also managed to lampoon Trump's sniffing and rambling remarks about Mosul and ISIS, before Hanks' Wallace noted, "Mr. Trump, we have to move on."

"Oh, thank god. I don't know if you could tell, but I was really spinning out of control there," Baldwin's Trump admitted. 

When quizzed about the WikiLeaks hack of her emails, McKinnon's Clinton began to answer, before pretending that she heard someone call her name. 

"Thank you for bringing up my emails, Chris, and I'm very happy to clarify what was in some of them — what, Carol? I'm sorry, I thought I heard my friend Carol. Anyway, back to your question about the way that Donald treats women.

"And that is how you pivot," she gloated.

"So you're just never going to answer a question about your email?" Hanks asked.

"No, but it is very cute to watch you try," McKinnon smirked.

Baldwin even managed to poke fun at himself and comments recently made by his brother Stephen Baldwin, in which Stephen noted he didn't find Alec's Trump impression on SNL very funny. 

"I’m the one who's got all the heavy hitters supporting me; I’ve got the cream of the crop, I've got Sarah Palin, I've got Chachi, I've even got the best Baldwin brother, Stephen Baldwin," Baldwin-Trump deadpanned.

When Wallace told the two candidates they were almost out of time, Trump checked his notes to "make sure I've said everything I want to say." You can probably guess his two talking points...

Perhaps the most pointed moment of the debate came when Hanks' Wallace noted, "Mr. Trump, it's become very clear that you're probably going to lose."

"Correct," Baldwin's Trump responded.

 "When you do, will you accept the results of this election?" Hanks asked.

"I will look at it at the time, because frankly this whole thing is rigged. Even the media, every day I turn on the news, and all of the newscasters are making me look so bad," Baldwin said.

"And how are we doing that?" Hanks asked.

Baldwin-Trump's response? "By taking all of the things I say and all of the things I do and putting them on TV." 


This post will be updated with video when it becomes available.

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