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In proper rock-critic circles, David Johansen is known as the lead singer for the New York Dolls, whose self-titled debut album celebrates its 40th birthday on July 27. The legendary glam-punk band inspired everyone from the Sex Pistols to the Ramones to the Smiths and even Poison. But many laypeople know David better as lounge singer and onetime "SNL" house bandleader Buster Poindexter, of "Hot Hot Hot" fame.  It was more like "not not not" for Johansen, who once called the calypso novelty hit "the bane of my existence" in an NPR interview. David reunited with the surviving Dolls in 2005.  - LP

Rock 'n' Roll's Top 6 Alter Ego Addicts

Performers need a muse, and sometimes that muse is one's self. Sort of. Musicians and performers are generally a fearful, milquetoast lot. Most of them aren't worth much attention in the real world. Does anyone care about Brian Hugh Warner? No way. He's just another insecure, Ohio nobody. Marilyn Manson? That's another story. He's a dude full of shock and awe. He's a somebody. He's whoever you want him to be. And so it is with alter egos. In the end, the true test of an artist is whether or not he can come out from behind his alter ego and show his true self. Alas, for too many artists, it's an addiction they can't shake. Here are the Top 6 Alter Ego Addicts. I'll see them at the next Alter Ego Anonymous meeting. — Shawn Amos