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Rina Takeda

@TakedaRina: “I've been practicing the ceremonial first pitch” (Twitter/Rina Takeda)

Rina Takeda breaks concrete blocks with her head before throwing first pitch

Yahoo SportsJuly 28, 2014

The entire ceremonial first pitch "thing" has been over in North America for a long time, perhaps right after President Taft first made it popular 100 years ago. But in Japan, they've got ideas to make it better.

Take the actions of martial artist Rina Takeda, whom The Big Lead describes as the "23-year-old star of such films as 'High Kick Girl!,' 'Karate Girl' and 'Dead Sushi.' " She threw out the first pitch before the "Sonny" Chiba Lotte Marines and Seibu Lions played Sunday, and her pitch was pretty good. What is more impressive is that she managed to throw the ball after smashing ten concrete blocks with her forehead.
David Brown

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