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Orphaned possum and zookeeper have a pretty adorable bromance


If hearts could smile, the friendship between this teeny orphaned ringtail possum and a zookeeper would have you positively beaming from the chest.

The video comes from Symbio Wildlife Park, located south of Sydney, Australia. It's a short collection of tender and fun moments between a possum named Gaz and his human compadre and sometime Symbio staff member, Jarred.

Little Gaz was apparently brought to the wildlife park by a member of the public after being found orphaned. When Gaz arrived at the park, it was Jarred who hand-raised him and since then, the two have developed a special kind of cross-species friendship. 

It takes a look of trust to leap from a tree to into the outstretched arms of human, you know. Now, where can we can a friend that will carry us around in their shirt pocket?

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