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The Olympic torch bearer is re-routed by

The Olympic torch bearer is re-routed by Olympic securtiy personall after protestors tussle with police near Peace Bridge in Londonderry , Northern Ireland on June 4, 2012. The Olympic Torch relay started at Land's End, the southwest tip of England, to begin an 8,000-mile (12,875-kilometre) journey around Britain, with a detour to also visit the Irish capital Dublin. It will culminate in the flame being brought to the Olympic Stadium for the opening of the Games on July 27.AFP PHOTO / PETER MUHLYPETER MUHLY/AFP/GettyImages

Protests reroute Olympic torch in N. Ireland

Irish Republican Army supporters clashed with police June 4 and forced Olympic torch organizers to divert the route of their relay, marring what had been a jubilant day's procession through a sun-soaked Northern Ireland. The protesters made clear they were seeking to confront police, not the Olympic torch itself.