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Stasha Becker

Picture-Perfect Pooch and Boy, 5, Pose for Daily Photo

Five-year-old Julian Becker and his 165-pound Newfoundland, Max, are best buds. The duo likes to go on adventures together and it quickly became a ritual to pose for a picture in front of the garage of their home in Oak Harbor, Wash., before each one. “We usually leave in the minivan to go to preschool or go on a hike, and before we would get in the minivan I would just take a picture in front of the garage,” Stasha Becker, Julian’s mother, a professional photographer, told ABCNews.com.  She started sending the pictures from their daily photo sessions to her husband, a Naval officer, while he was away with the Navy, as a way to stay connected. The dog is like a second child to Becker and has always been included in photos, which have become more elaborate. Sometimes Julian wears silly costumes or poses with items he takes to school for show and tell, she explained. “They never just stand there,” she added. Becker says her son has grown to love their daily photos sessions. “He has really started enjoying this,” she said. “He likes directing these. Lately most of them have been his idea.”