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Photos of the day - January 25, 2014

The picture shows a crematorium of the former concentration camp in Dachau near Munich January 25, 2014. The world marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27 to remember those who died during the Nazi organised genocide during World War Two that cost the lives of millions of Jews, Roma and Sinti, homosexuals and opponents to Germany's fascist regime and its collaborators. (REUTERS/Michael Dalder)

Photos of the day - January 25, 2014

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The best news photos of the day for January 25, 2014.

Protesters stand behind the barricade in front of riot police in central Kiev, Egyptians hold national flags during a rally in Tahrir Square, a Palestinian worker collects charcoal in the West Bank village of Yabed and a priest prays in front of riot police during clashes with anti-government protesters are some of the photos of the day. (AP/Getty/Reuters)

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