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Pakistan's truck art

In this photo taken on July 18, 2011, a Pakistani craftsman gives final touches to a brand new truck which is being traditionally decorated before it hits the road in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Florescent material and stainless steel sheets are used for decorating traditional trucks and buses which is a famous car-craft in Pakistan. (AP Photo/B.K.Bangash)

Pakistan's truck art

Pakistan's truck artists, who transform ugly lorries into flamboyant moving works of art, fear boom times for their trade could be at an end as NATO winds down its mission in Afghanistan.

The workhorses of the Pakistani haulage industry are often ageing, patched-up Bedford and Dodge models, but almost without exception they are lavishly decorated.

Elaborate colourful designs, calligraphy, portraits of heroes and singers, mirrors and jingling tassels are skilfully worked onto the trucks by artists such as Haider Ali. (AFP)

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