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Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign may have given itself an audience boost with the help of some photo magic. A panoramic image posted by his campaign shows a large crowd gathered for a recent event in Nevada. The only problem, pointed out by Buzzfeed, is that the turnout looks to be increased via alterations. Look closely at the image, and it seems that the crowd section has been replicated near the support structure and the trees have been duped in the background. The central skylight area looks cloned, there is a bizarre ghosting at the top of the posts, the horizon drops near the center of the image, and an editing oversight left the "Romney" sign reading "Romnmney" instead.

Biggest election photo gaffes

Image is everything on the election campaign trail and just the smallest gaffe will end up online for all to see and mock. From doctored images, to spelling errors and airbrush

overkill, here are some of our favorite election photo slip-ups.