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Columbus Circle

In this undated drawing released by the Public Art Fund in New York, a rough sketch showing what the interior of a work of art entitled, ìDiscovering Columbusî by Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi is shown. Nishi will construct a contemporary living room on top of the Columbus Monument in New York Cityís Columbus Circle. The installation is commissioned by the Public Art Fund and will run from Sept. 20 to Nov. 18, 2012. (AP Photo/Tatzu Nishi)

NYC Columbus statue enveloped by 'living room'

The exhibit, "Discovering Columbus" by Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi, has become a must-see cultural attraction in New York

since it opened Sept. 20. Some 20,000 people have made the walk up six

flights of stairs for the up-close view of Columbus, as well as the

unique views of Midtown Manhattan and Central Park.