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Photo by: Emi Beth
I Think Surgeons Get Their Kicks By Using Permanent Ink
After the surgery, I woke up, to find that my feet were pink. Like, stained pink. They also have purple arrows on them, but that, at least, I knew about. The thing is, though, the pink stuff doesn't come off. I've scrubbed, and scrubbed, and scrubbed, and even used make up remover, but no- I still have a weird pink ankle/ foot tan, and it's over a week later. The worst thing is, I can only wear flip flops, so I can't even cover up the tan with socks. The good news, though? At least my feet are now color coordinated with my iPhone cover, my wallet, and my camera, pens, and Post-it notes. I think I'm setting new fashion trends here, people.
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This is Not "Grey's Anatomy" ...And 6 Other Things I Realized While in the Hospital

I was recently admitted into the hospital for toe surgery. To keep it short, and not gross, basically my two big toes have been messed up for about two years, and I've had multiple operations (seven, in the space of two years) in my doctor's practice, only to have my toes get temporarily better, but then get worse again. It's not my doctor's fault, my toes just really wanted to go to the hospital. Plus, they're crabby. They haven't kept me from walking or anything, they just look like a crime scene, and hurt like someone is stabbing them with a fork. I hadn't been in the hospital since I was five, and don't really remember it past the ice cream, and the Blue's Clues mailbox I got as a present, but it must have been a good experience because I was slightly looking forward to going back. Don't ask me why. I think it's also a combination of Grey's Anatomy, and hope that, you know, I'll just be walking the hallways and -wham!- there's Izzie, and Cristina, and Meredith, and Alex. Well, the hospital visit was interesting, to say the least. Check out my 7 thoughts from trip, below. - By Emi Beth


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