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In this photo taken Thursday, July 26, 2012, a child stand in front of his demolished stilt house at Makoko in Lagos, Nigeria. The teeming, floating Makoko slum rises out of the murky lagoon water that separates mainland Nigeria from the island that gave birth to its largest city, a permanent haze of smoke rising from its homes built on timber stilts. A government-led eviction last week that saw men in speedboats destroy homes with machetes there left about 3,000 people homeless and raised new fears among activists that authorities may try to wipe it out the area entirely. (AP Photo/Sunday Alamba)

Nigeria's floating slum

Makoko is a floating community of bamboo homes and shacks built out of

driftwood, close to the University of Lagos campus in Nigeria and visible to daily

traffic that plies the Third Mainland Bridge, the link from the mainland

to the city's islands.