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'National #Selfie Portrait Gallery' opens in London

Jesse Darling "selfie". (Courtesy Jesse Darling)

'National #Selfie Portrait Gallery' opens in London

Curators Kyle Chayka and Marina Galperina will present National #Selfie Portrait Gallery,

an installation of 19 emerging artists from the EU and the US who have

created short-form videos engaging with the medium of the “selfie,” the

omnipresent slang for digital self-portraits found across all social

networks. Self-portraiture has a long artistic heritage, with devotees

including Rembrandt, the compulsive self-documentarian, Courbet, who

styled himself a suave Bohemian, and van Gogh, the fragile genius,

bandaged at the ear. Today, the genre belongs to anyone with a camera.

Self-portraiture is the most democratic creative medium available, both

as a performative outlet for the social self and an intimate vehicle of

personal catharsis, for artists and non-artists alike.
The exhibt can be seen at Moving Image London 2013 at The Bargehouse in London’s South Bank from October 17-20, 2013. (Moving-image.info)