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In this undated image made from KRT video, North Korea's new young leader Kim Jong Un, third from right, watches jet fighters fly in the sky with North Korean officials at an undisclosed place in North Korea, aired Sunday, Jan. 8, 2012. Kim Jong Un, who was named "supreme leader" of North Korea's people, ruling Workers' Party and military following the death last month of his father, Kim Jong Il, was shown observing firing exercises and posing for photographs with soldiers in footage that was shot before his father's death and aired as a documentary Sunday. (AP Photo/KRT via APTN) TV OUT, NORTH KOREA OUT

N. Korea releases film for Kim Jung-Un

January 1, 1970

North Korea state television broadcast what it claimed was a documentary film, for Kim Jung-Un's Birthday. Aimed to inspire confidence in it's new leader, the film shows Kim Jung-Un in various positions of authority and power. January 8, 2012.