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A supporter of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi prays in the street, left, while another holds a poster with a gesture of an open palm with four raised fingers that has became a symbol for the Rabaah al-Adawiya mosque where hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters were killed by security forces in August, near Ramsis Square, Cairo, Egypt. Deadly clashes left tens dead and scores injured as rival crowds of supporters of the military and backers of Morsi poured into streets around the country Sunday, as a holiday marking the anniversary of the last war with Israel turned into a showdown between the country's two rival camps. (AP Photo/Sabry Khaled, El-Shorouk Newspaper) EGYPT OUT

Street violence in Egypt

Ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi will go on trial on Nov. 4 on charges of inciting the killing of opponents while he was in office, an Egyptian court announced Wednesday.

Morsi was ousted in a popularly-backed coup on July 3 and has been held incommunicado at an unknown location and has not been seen since, though he has spoken to his family twice and was visited by EU's foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, and an African Union