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Moving in with Internet television a year without cable m streaming projector powered by roku

3M Streaming Projector Powered by Roku

These days, most new TVs have access to streaming services like Hulu Plus and Netflix baked right into the hardware. This pint-size gadget is the projector version of one of those smart TVs. Simply connect it to a Wi-Fi network and you have an ultra-portable, streaming home theater. It projects an image as large as 120 inches diagonally, has a serviceable built-in speaker and can run for about 95 minutes on its rechargeable battery (or continuously if you plug it in). The beauty of tiny pico projectors like these is that when they're not on, your living room looks like a living room, with no large, monolithic screen presiding over you. Although the image may not be as bright and vivid as what you might get from a full-size projector, this model takes minimalism to an extreme—you can tuck your entire A/V system away in a drawer when the movie is over. $300, 3mmobileprojectors.com