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Cassius and Brutus

An engraving of Mr Macready as Cassius and E.L. Davenport as Brutus in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. (Historical Picture Archive/CORBIS)

Most famous assassinations in history


November 22, 1963 marks the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination. That death stunned the world and caused an outpouring of public grief unprecedented in modern United States history.

Some even say that the killing of the 35th president altered the course of history, and that the United States would not have become embroiled in the Vietnam War had he lived.

But JFK isn't the only leader to have died by another's hands. He joins a long list of leaders who were murdered for political reasons. From the stabbing of Julius Caesar to the shooting of Mahatma Gandhi, here are eight of the most famous assassinations in history. (AP)