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People wave European Union and Moldavian national flags

People wave European Union and Moldavian national flags, and shout slogans, during a pro-EU rally at the Great National Assembly Square in Chisinau, November 3, 2013. The rally was held to urge the government to continue the pro-integration policy, with the aim of getting Moldova into the EU, local media reported. (REUTERS/Viktor Dimitrov)

On Ukraine's 'other side,' a familiar conflict brews

Yahoo News

Moldovans celebrate their independence from Russia today, Aug. 27. But the atmosphere in Europe's poorest, and one of its smallest, countries is tense, with concerns about fighting in neighboring Ukraine, and similar allegiance struggles in its breakaway republic of Transnistria to the east. Moldova's government is pro-Western and seeks alliance with the European Union, but this cost it trade relations with Russia — a difficult blow for a primarily agricultural country known for little more than its wine and vegetables.

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