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Eileen Ford

Eileen Ford poses in front of a picture of her successful models, Oct. 29, 1977, New York. Fords Models Inc. look at about 5,000 hopeful young women every year looking for the elusive quality that makes a top model. About 10 make it. Some of the ones who did form a background on Mrs. Fords office wall. (AP Photo/Marty Lederhandler)

Modeling agency founder Eileen Ford

Yahoo News

Modeling agency founder Eileen Ford, who shaped a generation's standards of beauty as she built an empire and launched the careers of Candice Bergen, Lauren Hutton, Jane Fonda and countless others, has died.

She was 92 and died Wednesday, according to Arielle Baran, a spokeswoman for Derris & Co., which handles public relations for Ford.

Ford was known for her steely manner and great eye for talent. She demanded the highest level of professionalism from her models, putting them on strict diets and firing those with a taste for late-night revelry. Her discipline pushed Ford Model Agency to the top of its field, making multimillionaires of both Ford and her late husband, Jerry, who handled the company's business affairs. (AP)

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