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Jurassic Coast meteor shower As if this beach were not stunning enough, meteors brightening the sky against the backdrop of the Milky Way took it to a whole new level of beauty. When it was announced last week that we would be treated to a meteor shower, there was only one place bricklayer Jack Sargent from Coleford, England, was heading. Sargent, 22, made the trip down to the Jurassic Coast in southern England on Aug. 11, where he captured the meteors soaring past. (Caters News Agency) Photography by Jack Sargent/Caters News See more photos of Jurassic showers and our other slideshows on Yahoo News.

Quadrantid meteor shower

Skywatchers will be setting their alarm clocks for the early morning

hours Jan. 3 when the annual Quadrantid meteor shower peaks. Meteor watchers can expect to see 60 to 200 meteors an hour streak across the sky, NASA said.