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#MEAL TIME: Or, Learning to Cook from 2 Chainz

Rapper/lifestyle guru 2 Chainz has had a banner year, and it’s all being capped off with the release of his new album “B.O.A.T.S. II: #METIME.” But beyond the music, fans and critics alike were delighted to find that the deluxe version of the album contained a most delicious Easter egg: a tour bus cookbook, the perfectly named #MEAL TIME. Along with buddy Chef Aleem, 2 Chainz (whose Instagram @hairweavekilla demonstrates his foodie bent) has put together a cookbook that doubles as a luxury showcase (Versace aprons, anyone?) and is actually a pretty handy cookbook. So we took a little of our own #METIME to try out some of his recipes for ourselves. – Lilian Min (@llnmn)