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Magnitude-8.2 quake hits northern Chile

A street is covered by debris from the earthquake damaged Duty Free Zone of Iquique, in Iquique, Chile, Friday, April 4, 2014. Following a magnitude-8.2 earthquake early in the week, soldiers have kept a close watch on supermarkets and gas stations to prevent looting as many people continued to line up on Friday for gasoline, water and food. The city remained largely peaceful and no new major damage or casualties were reported from the continuing aftershocks that have rattled the sleep-deprived citizens of Chile's north. (AP Photo/Luis Hidalgo)

Magnitude-8.2 quake hits northern Chile

Coastal residents of Chile's far north spent a second sleepless night outside their homes as major aftershocks continued Thursday following a magnitude-8.2 earthquake that damaged several thousand homes and caused six deaths.

No new major damage or casualties were reported, and a heavy police and military presence kept order.

The infrastructure in the area is nearly entirely intact, but with aftershocks continuing, life has been anything but normal. Power remains out in many areas, and hospitals were handling only emergencies. Schools were closed, and large supermarkets and gas stations coordinated their reopenings Thursday with police and military to avoid problems with long lines of customers. (AP)

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