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Korean War

U.S. Army veteran Andres Vergara, 90, of Clearwater, Florida, salutes during the commemoration of the 59th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice at Arlington National Cemetery July 27, 2012 in Arlington, Virginia. With four official combat jumps, paratrooper Vergara recieved the South Korean medal of honor for rescuing 100 children from an orphanage during the war. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Korean War vets mark armistice

While South Korea

and the U.S.-led U.N. forces that fought in the Korean War call July 27

the 59th anniversary of the armistice that ended hostilities between the Koreas,

North Korea calls it a celebration of "victory in the Fatherland

Liberation War." Technically, the two countries are still at war, as the armistice is only a temporary suspension of fighting.