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Keith Haring exhibition

Untitled canvas by Keith Haring, 1985. (Copyright Keith Haring Foundation. Photo David Regen) Eds note:  Images can only be used with Keith Haring exhibition slide show.

Keith Haring exhibition

Yahoo News

Having first gained recognition for his public work, much of which was done subversively in the New York City subway system, Keith Haring continued throughout his career to develop a populist aesthetic. The works on view now at Gladstone Gallery in New York City are characteristic of Haring's artistic practice, featuring a bold, bright color palette, exuberant figures, and a thoughtful use of unconventional materials.

Though Haring created many works that initially appear to be celebratory and playful, he was a politically active and socially conscious artist, interested in reflecting and responding to the cultural climate in which he lived. Accordingly, his works frequently explore themes of sexuality, technology, the AIDS virus, and capitalist greed.

Haring was born on May 4, 1958 in Reading, Pennsylvania and died at the age of thirty-one of AIDS-related illnesses in New York City. (Yahoo News)

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