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Will and Kat

When Kate and Will attended the Inauguration Of Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden on April 26, 2013 in England, Kate framed her baby bump with her arms. "It's common for pregnant women to protectively hold their stomachs in public," says Joe Navarro, ex-FBI agent, body language expert and author of What Every Body is Saying. "But you can see that Kate doesn't feel any social anxiety. William is also relaxed with his hand in his pocket (his father often does the same) and expressing an idea to his wife." According to Navarro, William's thumb and index finger are forming a "precision grip," indicative of a specific thought. "The symmetry between the couple is great. The look in Kate's eye says everything is good," he says.

Kate Middleton and William Celebrate Second Wedding Anniversary: What Their Body Language Reveals

April 30, 2013

Happy 2nd anniversary, Kate and William! On April 29th, the royal couple will have been married for two years. They've come a long way since their televised wedding in 2011—photo scandals, numerous fashion statements, a controversial royal painting, and of course, Kate's pregnancy. How did they fare in year two? We asked two body language experts to weigh in.

By Shine