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This undated photo provided by the Ryan family shows Paul Ryan and Janna Ryan on the day of their wedding. During his first term in Congress, Ryan met and married Janna Little, a lawyer and lobbyist from an affluent Oklahoma family, who was working in the Washington area. In the days since Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney selected Ryan for the vice presidential slot on the Republican ticket, the now 42-year-old congressman's biography has become instant folklore. Lifelong resident of a little city in the heartland, embracing new responsibilities as a teen after the sudden death of his father. Devoted husband and father, devout Roman Catholic, avid deer hunter, fisherman and fitness buff. (AP Photo/Courtesy of the Ryan Family)

Janna Ryan

Janna Ryan, thrust onto the national stage over the weekend of Aug. 11 when her

congressman husband Paul Ryan was named the Republican vice presidential

nominee, strikes an appealing image as a stay-at-home mom raising three

young children in Wisconsin.