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Items confiscated by the TSA

Undated handout photo from the TSA blog obtained on March 12, 2012 shows handguns that were confiscated at the agency's checkpoints from from various airports throughout the country. Most airline passengers pack a toothbrush and fresh underwear in their luggage, others land mines, grenade launchers, swords, mortar shells and martial arts spikes and stars. Not only does the Transportation Security Administration confiscate four handguns a day from airline customers, its agents have also seized a stun gun concealed as a tube of lipstick, a dagger hidden inside a hairbrush and a whole host of other weapons and contraband taken from passengers on a daily basis, according to weekly updates on The TSA Blog. REUTERS/Transportation Security Administration

Items confiscated by the TSA

Transportation Security Administration workers can face real danger, as was demonstrated during the deadly shooting at Los Angeles International Airport last month.

Still, confiscating a sock monkey's sidearm? Washington state resident Phyllis May told Seattle's King5.com that she was chastised by a TSA agent over the fact that her stuffed sock monkey (name: Rooster Monkburn, a takeoff on Rooster Cogburn of "True Grit" fame) carried a toy pistol. (Yahoo News)

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