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In this Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014, photo, a Pakistani soldier scans an area with a metal detector during a training session at the Counter IED Explosives and Munitions School, in Risalpur, Pakistan. Militants in Pakistan have become devilishly ingenious about where they plant improvised explosive devices, a type of bomb responsible for thousands of wounds and deaths in Pakistan. They’ve been found strapped to children’s bicycles, hidden inside water jugs and even hung in tree branches. (AP Photo/Anjum Naveed)

Inside Pakistani anti-bomb school

Yahoo News

Militants in Pakistan have found clever ways to hide homemade bombs. They've been strapped to children's bicycles, hidden inside water jugs and even hung in tree branches. But the most shocking place that Brig. Basim Saeed has heard of such a device being planted was inside a hollowed-out book made to look like a Quran, Islam's holy book.

A soldier who went to pick up the book from the floor was killed when it exploded.

"Normally if that book is lying somewhere on the floor, you tend to pick it up immediately just for respect," said Saeed, the chief instructor at a school training Pakistani forces how to detect the so-called improvised explosive devices, which have become increasingly popular in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the insurgency in Pakistan's northwest, near the Afghan border.

The Associated Press was the first foreign media outlet to be allowed access to the facility, according to the Pakistani military. (AP)

(Photographs by Anjum Naveed/AP Photo)

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