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Travel 2013 destinations Warangal

11. Warangal, Andhra Pradesh

An entire settlement lives within the fortified walls of a dusty town that was once the capital of the Kakatiya dynasty. As you drive through the walls, the fort transforms into an open art gallery taking you to the glory of the Kakatiya kings. There are sculptures strewn all around and enclosing them are four massive stone pillars standing tall at 30 feet high, each facing a cardinal direction. A Shiva temple is surrounded by ornate pillars, shorter than the four main massive pillars. These tall gateways, symbolize “gateways of glory” and are called Kirti Thoranas, the seat of the Kakatiyas in Warangal. A couple of elephants, another Nandi, yalis, a few pillars, broken sculptures, a gaja kesari and even an old throne lies enclosed by the kirti toranas, open to the skies. Sit here and listen to tales of the dynasty or just walk along the old settlement.

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