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10. Dudhsagar Goa

One of the best views of the Dudhsagar Falls is from a train. However, I would recommend the journey across the wild Mollem National Park where you would need to cross two full-bodied rivers. This is where the Mandovi River plunges from a height of 600 metres, forming a milky cascade on the Karnataka-Goa border. The entire setting looks out of the world though. A dense forest hemmed in with rocks while little streams and rivulets flows around them. Tiny wooden bridges sprout in the middle of nowhere. The scene is a dramatic riot of colours with people swimming in a massive pool of blue-green waters rimmed with creamy white foam. Take a dip and refresh yourself in the milky waters that the give the falls its name.

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January 2, 2013

There is nothing more exciting than charting a new course of journeys, heading to a different destination, or visiting an old one and looking at it with a fresh perspective, says LAKSHMI SHARATH. “Every year I religiously make a wish list and this year is going to be a mix of the familiar, the exotic, the festive and the offbeat. If you have not yet mapped your travels for the coming year, then join me in exploring these places."

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