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Travel 2013 destinations Bekal

6. Bekal, Kerala

A silent town on the seashore, Bekal would have probably been forgotten from both historic and tourism maps if it had not been for a railway track that passes through it. As a passenger looks out of the window seat, he is suddenly greeted by a formidable fort that offers spectacular views of the sea. The largest fort in Kasaragod offers views of citadels stroked by the waves as you head to the virgin beach to enjoy a glorious sunset. If a quiet holiday is on your mind, Bekal is a must-see destination.

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There is nothing more exciting than charting a new course of journeys, heading to a different destination, or visiting an old one and looking at it with a fresh perspective, says LAKSHMI SHARATH. “Every year I religiously make a wish list and this year is going to be a mix of the familiar, the exotic, the festive and the offbeat. If you have not yet mapped your travels for the coming year, then join me in exploring these places."

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