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Incredible Alaskan ice cave

A friend of Ron Gile holding up a red road flare inside the amazing Alaskan ice cave. (Caters/Ron Gile)

Incredible Alaskan ice cave

Yahoo News

This photographer is walking on thin ice after taking stunning photographs inside an Alaskan ice cave that could collapse at any moment.

With it's dazzling turquoise walls and and huge open spaces, it's hard to imagine that this incredible frozen cavern was only formed at the beginning of 2012. But despite it's seemingly mystical allure, the fascinating natural phenomena is at risk of collapsing in on itself without warning.

Photographed by ice caver, Ron Gile, 55, the adventurer has known many caves collapse and disappear in his eight years exploring the local area. (Caters)

Photography by Ron Gile.

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