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M.B. Ellsworth writes: "Over the next four years, I would like to see the United States make an effort to protect and grow our domestic industrial economy. This Domtar plant in Port Edwards, Wis., is a good example of what happens when international companies purchase local industry. The products once made at this facility are now being made in Canada and shipped into the United States. My community lost close to 500 jobs when this plant closed. That many jobs lost in a small community has been devastating to housing prices and increased the number of unemployed workers. This factory closed more than five years ago, and Domtar has not redeveloped the property. The U.S. economy will only get weaker, the unemployment rate will stay flat and decent-paying manufacturing jobs will all but disappear."

Inauguration 2013: Readers’ hopes for the next four years

As President Barack Obama begins his second term, Yahoo News readers share photos of something close to them that they hope Washington will address over the next four years.