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Al Lockwood writes: "Of the nearly 40 million people statistically defined as 'poor' in America, some 17.2 million are also labeled 'food insecure.' Many of those who don’t know where their next meal comes from, or where they'll sleep tonight, are children. But these are just numbers. I see hunger personally, in the piping little 'thank you' from a low-tooth-count 8-year-old as I put a can of tomatoes in her sack. Her mother attempts a smile, but worry and fear are written there, too. They have been standing 40 minutes, sheltered from freezing cold in the annex of the parish hall where the food pantry distributes food once weekly. ... Hunger is but one face of the economic desperation gripping much of America. It has no rightful place in a nation as wealthy as ours. What should Obama do about this in the next four years? Perhaps he and those who make policy could start by looking into the eyes of a little girl who’s grateful for a can of stewed tomatoes."

Inauguration 2013: Readers’ hopes for the next four years

As President Barack Obama begins his second term, Yahoo News readers share photos of something close to them that they hope Washington will address over the next four years.