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An Amish man and woman sit in a horse and buggy in Bart Township

An Amish man and woman sit in a horse and buggy in Bart Township, Pennsylvania December 1, 2013. On Oct. 2, 2006, Charles Roberts, 32, took 10 Amish girls hostage in their one-room schoolhouse in rural Pennsylvania, lined them up and shot them in the head. He then killed himself. Along with that, Terri Roberts herself became a victim, forced to confront life knowing that her son had committed such an atrocity. When the Amish forgave her son, it allowed Roberts, who is not Amish, to forgive him as well. Picture taken December 1, 2013. REUTERS/Mark Makela (UNITED STATES - Tags: CRIME LAW SOCIETY)

Horses and covered black buggies a concern in Amish country

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When a horse owned by an Amish family ran out onto a highway in rural Pennsylvania and collided with the van Amanda Mattern was riding in over the Labor Day weekend, the 37-year-old's injuries left her in a coma.

Unusual as that may sound for 21st-century America, that kind of accident is not uncommon in rural Lancaster County, about 80 miles west of Philadelphia in the heart of the Keystone State's Amish country, where horses and covered black buggies are a common sight and a challenge for traffic officials to manage. (Reuters)