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Listening to Explicit Hip-Hop
It's off-limits when my son's around. Click on to find out more things that I used to love but now, as a parent, worry about...
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Hip-Hop Music ... And 6 More Things I Loved as a Kid but Worry About as a Parent

As a middle schooler, me and my friends would listen to rap almost constantly. Today, I still listen to and love hip-hop, and so does my four-year-old son, Felix. I can't listen to rock for too long before he says, "put on something with a bigger beat." But like most kids, he's all ears, and so I censor some of what I play. No matter how infectious I find the sample, I avoid songs that are way too explicit. Songs that drop an f-bomb or three, that's okay. We live in New York, and it's impossible to walk down the street without hearing curse words. But sexually explicit lyrics are something I feel the need to keep from him for now. This got me thinking. What were some of the things that I used to do as a kid, but which I now worry about as a parent? Listening to explicit rap music is one. Click on to find out more… -By Brian Gresko

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